About Hale Mountain OHV Park

256-763-1739 (preferred), or
Email: halemountainohvpark65@gmail.com

Hale Mountain Off Highway Vehicle Park was envisioned by Glen Hopkins and officially opened for business in mid 2009. The 400 acre park gives OHV enthusiasts, of all skill levels, an entire mountain from peak to valley, natural rock formations and terrain, supporting all types of off road recreation.

From guiding trail rides to assisting OHV owners with repairs to their vehicles, our staff strives to make your time at Hale Mountain both safe and enjoyable. Your suggestions, recommendations, or requests are always welcome. Our park is still young and we have many enhancements planned in the future, so if you see something we can improve, add, or do to enhance the park, please let us know.

Sadly, we lost Glen on April 2, 2011.